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Banoffee Tiramisu

Inspired by a Banoffee Pie this tiramisu has layers of coffee-soaked sponge fingers intertwined with gooey caramel and banana coins. Layered with a mascarpone-style filling and crunchy biscuit it’s got everything you know and love about a Banoffee pie. 

My version is egg free and dairy free plus it’s super simple to make. 

Banoffee Tiramisu

We start by soaking sponge fingers in coffee which are covered with my gooey 3 ingredient caramel. A layer of banana coins are arranged on top with a sprinkle of crushed biscuits and creamy mascarpone style filling for that classic Banoffee taste and texture. Made without eggs and dairy-free ingredients, you have got to try this twist on a classic dessert!



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