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Banoffee Cookie Pie

Perfectly soft banana cookie dough packed with puddles of melty chocolate with a hidden molten caramel centre. Stuffed with bananas coins and finished with a dusting of crushed biscuits this cookie pie has everything you know and love about a banoffee pie in a gooey cookie with perfectly crisp yet chewy edges. 

For this recipe you won’t need any eggs and you can also use dairy free ingredients. 

Banoffee Cookie Pie

The banana cookie dough comes together in just one bowl using ripe bananas for that sweet flavour and squidgey texture. A slab of frozen caramel is sandwiched in the centre and topped with banana coins which caramelise whilst baking for that incredible gooey centre. Finished with a dusting of biscuit crumbs the cookie pie is completely irresistible! 



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