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Triple Layered Biscoff Cookie Bars

Three layers of soft buttery cookie dough with three layers of Biscoff for the thickest most biscoffy cookie bar you’ve ever seen. 

We’re using all of the biscoff in these, with a layer of Biscoff biscuits for a little bit of crunch, a layer of frozen biscoff for that gooey centre and melted biscoff spread for the top. 

My recipe is egg free and can also be made without dairy for a fully vegan treat. 

Triple Layered Biscoff Cookie Bars

We start by making the soft buttery cookie dough with added white chocolate chips for extra gooeyness. For our first layer of biscoff we are using biscoff biscuits which are then covered with our second layer of cookie dough. The next layer is a slab of frozen biscoff which melts whilst baking for that incredible centre. Our third layer of cookie dough is then pressed on top before being baked until golden. Once cooled we cover with melted biscoff spread and crushed biscoff biscuits. 



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