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Hot Chocolate Cake

Three layers of the softest hot chocolate flavoured sponge layered with creamy vanilla buttercream and oozing chocolate sauce wrapped in a hot chocolate flavoured ganache topped with marshmallows.

This cake is completely vegan and so easy to make!

Hot Chocolate Cake

The recipe starts with tender, moist chocolate sponge layers made with both cocoa powder and hot chocolate powder for a deliciously sweet and creamy hot chocolate flavour. Between each layer is a creamy vanilla buttercream and sweet chocolate sauce which is all tied together with a hot chocolate ganache frosting.

Baking tips

How to test if your cake is baked

  1. The edges of the cake pull away from the sides of the pan.

  2. It smells fragrant.

  3. The top and edges are golden brown (or look matte for chocolate cake).

  4. A toothpick or paring knife comes out clean.

  5. The cake springs back when pressed gently in the centre

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