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Chocolate Courgette Cake

This cake is so moist and chocolatey smothered in a creamy chocolate fudge frosting, you’d never guess it’s packed with courgette. 

Yes... vegetables in a cake sound weird but think about carrot cake - it just works and trust me you can’t taste the vegetables!

Chocolate Courgette Cake

We start by making that rich, creamy chocolate fudge frosting that's so easy to put together and SO good you'll want to eat it off the spoon.

The sponge comes together in just one bowl with the courgette adding so much moisture. It's moist, dense, rich-yet-light... honestly this cake has it all.

Tips for making the best sponge:

1. Use buttermilk - due to the acidity, buttermilk helps break down gluten and proteins in cakes to make them more tender. I make a dairy free alternative by adding vinegar to dairy free milk.

2. Don’t overmix - this will cause dense, tough, or deflated cakes

3. Use room temperature ingredients - room tempetature ingredients bond together better, creating a seamless and even texture

4. Weigh your ingredients and follow the exact recipe

5. Don’t overbake or rush!


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