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Boston Cream Cupcakes

Moist vanilla sponge with a gooey custard filling topped with smooth chocolate ganache. They taste just like the classic dessert but they're so simple to make, plus you won’t need any eggs or any dairy! 

Boston Cream Cupcakes

The muffin comes together in just one bowl made with butter and light brown sugar for that soft melt-in-your-mouth texture. Each muffin is filled with vanilla custard and then sealed with a layer of smooth chocolate ganache. These Boston Cream Muffins have everything you know and love about the classic dessert but in cupcake form! 

Recipe FAQ

Can I use any type of yoghurt in the batter? You can use either dairy or dairy free yoghurt, however a high protein and fat content is important as it impacts

the strength of the gluten matrix and overall moisture retention.

How do I get tall muffin tops? The key step is to bake at a very high temperature to activate the baking powder and cause a fast rise before reducing the temperature to finish the bake. Also filling the liners right to the top!!

Can I freeze the muffins? The almond muffin sponge can be frozen however I would recommend filling and decorating just before serving for best results


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