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Biscoff Carrot Cake

With three layers of super moist, perfectly spiced sponge, creamy Biscoff frosting, gooey Biscoff filling, and drip topping, this is truly one of the best carrot cakes. My recipe is egg-free and can be made without dairy plus it’s super simple to make. 

Biscoff Carrot Cake

The cake starts with yogurt and buttermilk for that incredibly tender crumb. Using brown sugar and a combination of ginger and cinnamon it’s got a deep caramel flavour with a little bit of sweet spice. Each layer is packed with grated carrot and smooth Biscoff for that super moist texture. Covered in creamy Biscoff frosting and a Biscoff drip topping, it’s the perfect cake for the Spring. 


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