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Banoffee Hot Cross Buns

Made with bananas puree they have that super soft and squidgey texture you know as love but are filled with an indulgent centre that oozes with gooey caramel. My recipe doesn’t require any eggs or dairy and the best part is, that they are super simple to make. 

Banoffee Hot Cross Buns

We start by activating the yeast in a warm milk and butter mixture for perfectly risen dough. For that banoffee pie flavour banana puree is added into the mixture which makes the dough perfectly sweet and squidgey. The dough is split into 6 equal parts and filled with my 3 ingredient caramel sauce before being carefully sealed and finished with a chocolate cross on top. They are left to rise for that pillowy soft texture before being baked until golden. Serve warm for the ultimate Easter treat. 


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