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Tiramisu Sheet Cake

 Soft vanilla sponge layered with coffee soaked sponge fingers brushed with espresso and topped with an irresistible mascarpone style frosting. 

Made without eggs or dairy, this cake has all the flavour of a Tiramisu that you know and love but in an easy to make cake! The coffee-soaked sponge fingers blend into the vanilla whilst baking for pockets of espresso flavour in every single bite. 

Tiramisu Sheet Cake 

The vanilla sponge comes together in just once bowl with the coffee-soaked sponge fingers sandwiched in the middle. Baked until golden its brushed with espresso before being topped with the rich and creamy frosting. 

Tips for making the best sponge:

1. Use buttermilk - due to the acidity, buttermilk helps break down gluten and proteins in cakes to make them more tender. I make a dairy free alternative by adding vinegar to dairy free milk.

2. Don’t overmix - this will cause dense, tough, or deflated cakes

3. Use room temperature ingredients - room tempetature ingredients bond together better, creating a seamless and even texture

4. Weigh your ingredients and follow the exact recipe

5. Don’t overbake or rush!


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