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Pistachio Chocolate Brownie (Viral Dubai Chocolate Bar Inspired)

The kunafeh-inspired Chocolate Bar from Dubai has been going VIRAL!! and let me tell you I NEEDED to try it.

Inspired by the FIX bars, this brownie has a rich fudgey base filled with pistachio butter and crispy toasted filo pieces. Covered in a thick chocolate ganache drizzled with white chocolate this brownie is the definition of indulgence.

For this recipe you won’t need any eggs and you can also use dairy free ingredients. 

Pistachio Chocolate Brownie (Viral Dubai Chocolate Bar Inspired)

At first I was dubious but that tastes even better than I expected. Every single bite is so gooey but also cirispy with the a gorgeous nutty creamy flavour. 

To make them we are toasting filo pastry in butter until golden and crispy. We are then adding in pistachio butter and pressing this on top of the brownie base. Covered in a dark chocolate ganache with a drizzle of white chocolate they are left to set sliced into squares.  



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