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Cereal Milk Tres Leches

This cake has a super moist sponge soaked in cereal milk for that sweet, creamy, malty flavour you just can’t beat. Covered with sweet whipped cream and crunchy cereal it’s got everything you know and love about your favourite bowl of cereal.  

No eggs are required and can be made without dairy for a fully vegan cake!

Cereal Milk Tres Leches

It starts with a simple one-bowl sponge infused with cereal milk which is baked until golden. The sponge is poked with holes and then covered a cereal flavoured triple milk mixture which soaks into the sponge for that light yet moist texture.

After a double soak with the milk, it's popped in the fridge overnight so the milk can absorb into the sponge. The next day it’s covered with sweet whipped cream and crunchy cereal. This cake requires no eggs and can be made without dairy and the best part is you can use your favourite kind of cereal for this super easy to make dessert. 


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