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Biscoff Berry Cake

Three layers of tender biscoff sponge layered with homemade berry jam and creamy biscoff buttercream. Finished with a biscoff drip topping and crushed biscuits, the buttery caramel flavour pairs so well with the sweet tart flavour from the jam. 

Biscoff Berry Cake

The strawberries are tossed in sugar and baked for around 40 minutes until they are soft and a beautiful strawberry syrup has formed. The sponge comes together in just one bowl made with ground pistachios for that subtle nutty, salty flavour. The sponge cakes are layered with salted honey whipped cream with the roasted strawberries sandwiched in the middle. Finished with a dusting of icing sugar, this cake is the perfect dessert for the summer. 


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