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Raspberry Coconut Cake

Four layers of moist coconut sponge studded with juicy raspberries, layered with creamy coconut buttercream and filled with gooey raspberry jam. For this recipe, you won’t need any eggs or any dairy, and the best part is it’s super simple to make!

Raspberry Coconut Cake

We start by making my one-bowl coconut sponge with juicy raspberry folded through. Between each layer of sponge is homemade raspberry jam which oozes through in every single bite. It’s wrapped in a creamy coconut buttercream for the perfect flavour combination. 

Tips for making the best sponge:

1. Use buttermilk - due to the acidity, buttermilk helps break down gluten and proteins in cakes to make them more tender. I make a dairy free alternative by adding vinegar to dairy free milk.

2. Don’t overmix - this will cause dense, tough, or deflated cakes

3. Use room temperature ingredients - room tempetature ingredients bond together better, creating a seamless and even texture

4. Weigh your ingredients and follow the exact recipe

5. Don’t overbake or rush!


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