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Golden Caramel White Chocolate Cake

This is my Golden Caramel White Chocolate Cake. Inspired by the Starbucks Golden Caramel White Hot Chocolate it’s got three layers of the softest vanilla sponge layered with creamy white chocolate buttercream and filled with the most gorgeous golden caramel. It’s made without eggs or dairy and the best part is, it’s super simple to make. 

Here’s a quick video that shows me making the cake:

Cake on stand

Golden Caramel White Chocolate Cake

The sponge is made in just one bowl and starts with buttermilk to create a soft and tender crumb. Using brown sugar, the sponge is moist with a beautiful golden colour and caramel flavour. The buttercream is creamy and smooth and each layer is filled with my three ingredient gooey caramel. Finished with a golden caramel drip, this is the ultimate cake for all my white chocolate lovers. 

Cake being enjoyed

Slice of cake on a plate


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