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Eggless Orange and Blueberry Cake

Fresh, juicy blueberries stud a moist orange sponge for the perfect balance between sweet and citrus flavour. Covered in a crispy orange glaze this cake is tender and indulgent, with an effortlessly stunning design. For this recipe you won’t need any eggs or any dairy, and the best part is it’s super simple to make!

Eggless Orange and Blueberry Cake

We start by rubbing orange zest into a mix of brown and white sugar to release the delicious oils creating sweet fragrant orange sugar. This is then mixed into buttermilk and yoghurt for that incredibly tender crumb. Fresh blueberries are folded into the mixture for a burst of juicy sweetness in every single bite. Once baked until golden the cake is covered in a citrus glaze for a stunning cake perfect for the Spring. 


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